Renault Scenic Owners - Please read if you drive model year 1999 to 2003


    Just thought I'd share this info which is 'hot off the press' as I know a few members have Renault Scenics.

    As a result of fireball scenic's (Dave's) investigation into the fault and the subsequent report to Renault about the problem, Renault intend to fit a new type of mirror switch designed to avoid any ingress of moisture or dirt. The switch will be retrofitted to 80,000+ UK vehicles

    The roll out of the new door switch may not start until Spring next year due to the technicalities involved, and we do not yet know whether this will take the form of a recall or a "Quality Action", but it's great to know that the problem will be sorted

    As of yet this information is only available on RenaultForums. We will be contacting some motoring web sites with the information to see if we can help to spread the word.

    For details of how this fault was discovered you can read edited highlights here…tml

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