Rendering cluster/Render farm, break for parts or sell as a whole

As above really, built it to test and demo my final project at uni on and now its just sat here doing nothing. Not sure of the best way to go about selling it, split it up or whack deadline on it and flog it as a cluster on fleabay?

Pics, Vid & Spec below.


Original Poster…NjU


5 x Gigabyte M-atx Mobo's
1 x ITX Mobo

22 cores
4 x various intel core 2 quad cpu's
1 x phenom quad cpu
1 x intel core 2 duo
14GBish ram

Mrs says I should just rip it to bits and sell the components but I've put a lot of graft into it and it seems a shame to break it up.

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There's an argument either way. Selling it as a farm means you're selling a niche version of an already niche product (how many people want to buy a farm? How many of those want to buy one with such an assortment of yesterday's technology powering it?), but, indeed, niche products tend to command healthy premiums. On the other hand, sell all the parts individually, and you'll be selling relatively mainstream parts to a wide audience. It's a gamble, I suppose. Go for one big sale, or go for lots of little ones.

Personally, I'd play it safe and tear it all apart to sell as individual parts.
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