Renewing 5 year old child’s passport

Posted 1st Jan

Quick query. My 5 year olds passport expires in feb.....I completely forgot about it!! Should I renew now or wait till after brexit on 31st jan......????;(
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What has Brexit got to do with the passport renewal?
Ain’t going to make any difference
What has Brexit got to do with the passport renewal?
Brexit and passports no difference. Just renew it now
Can I just add that it’s so easy to do for a child’s renewal. Everything done online just got to send old passport back then they send you new one back.
Another vote for do it now before it expires.
Wait until you decide to book your next holidays or start thinking about it, kids passports are expensive enough no need to do it early, just do it a month before you go, could be back in a week.
Renew it, The colour really doesn't matter. I'm sure it will still remain valid etc...
I can only imagine that a lot of people will wait and waiting times will be worse in feb
bozo00701/01/2020 09:11

What has Brexit got to do with the passport renewal?

Im waiting for brexit too because they keep changing it from October to this wnd and that.
I will apply mid month
I’ve renewed my son’s online, the picture was a hassle though as none of the ones I attached (all passport pictures) were accepted, ended up sending the picture by post with the online reference and for it back quickly enough, up to you when you do it, as someone mentioned they cost £50 and only last 5 years so if not needed now, I’d wait a bit but not because of Brexit 😁
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