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Found 26th Apr 2007
Today is the day for my 30 days notice to cancel my mobile contract.,

Im currently on 02 250 (I think!) £35pm. (Business Tariff)

I phoned up today and they have offered me...

12 month contract
100 Mins X-Net
£50 cashback or 02 Ice, 02 Jet or a Nokia phone (Can't remember)

I said I would want text as well, so they recommended 50 texts at £3pm.

The total cost for all this per month? £11.50 inc. VAT

I was going to go to PAYG hence why Im cancelling. I text more than talk, so does anyone reckon I could haggle? What are your recommendations?
What are the 02 phones like? TIA


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I have until tomorrow to decide....:?

Any help appreciated! :thumbsup:

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Ignore my previous! :thumbsup:

I've decided to get the Nokia N95 on 02:w00t:

I want the Online 40 tariff, but the phone cost £19.99. What are my chances of haggling to get the phone for FREE :? ?? Any1 have any idea?? :?

[SIZE=2]have you tried threatening to leave?[/SIZE]

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[SIZE=2]have you tried threatening to leave?[/SIZE]

Not yet. I've only completed my 1st year in this contract. I did say I was going to goto PAYG due to costs, thats when he offered me the £8.50 per month :?

I've got to ring the guy up tomorrow. Im gonna see if I can get the phone for nothing :thumbsup:
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