Renovation of a house - money saving advice needed

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Found 10th Jun 2011
Hi All,

Am looking at buying a house soon, it needs a total overhaul, new kitchen and bathroom, boiler, etc as well as we will need furniture.

For the biggies - bathroom and kitchen inc white goods, are there certain times of years when the sales are best for this? Is it seasonal, like buying garden decking in the winter? Any other price saving tips?

Same for furniture - a friend has said not to scrimp here as you will sit on the sofa and sleep in the bed every day. Am happy to do second hand to wait for sales.

All tips appreciated.




Bathroom: Screwfix have a good set of basic suites. - also good for lots of stuff
Boiler: you have to use a Gas Safe installer these days. Check round for local plumbers who people recommend.
Kitchen: Upmarket kitchen being unloaded on ebay - some o fthe very good ones can be excellent years down the line.
there's an outfit I heard about which is supposed to have bought up a load of old MFI designs and is supplying them at low proices. May take a bit of finding. - Does anyone here know them?
Saw these too:
Furrniture: Charity shops (Salvation Army sems quite good, if you have acess to a good depot.)
You may get better quality old stuff - We have an Edwardian bed, which has had the sagging & busted spring frame taken off and a ply matress base added with a good quality interior spring matresss put on top.
Make your own furniture! In our early days we saw a superb sideboard at Habitat but it was too much. I went back in , took a few measurements and made one. Fortunately the fashion for ebony black furniture was still with us, so any old wood was good.

Finally - Freecycle! It's excellent.

Argos have massive savings on kitchen cuboards atm, and the carcases are universal

See if you can find someone who has a trade card for b and q, my sister in law has just bought a bungalow and it was a reck, needed everything so as we have a trade card it saved her £800 off her new kitchen getting it through the trade point , as to the shop price.

If you have a local college that specialises in the building trade ask them if they want to train in your house. A real environment goes a long way and you'll save loads

Original Poster

thanks for all the good advice, what if you want to buy a posh kitchen, are there ways to reduce the costs of these?

Any particular brands people recommend?

Buy as much of the building materials yourself.

Buy your boiler at Travis Perkins plumbing warehouse you will get a good trade price. No joining or proof of being a trader needed.

If you are doing any roofing work go to your local roofing yard you will get good prices on tiles and roof windows.

Insulation you can get on e bay for good prices.

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