Rental accomondation in belfast

Ok dont no if many people on these boards are from belfast but its worth a shot

in august i will be starting a new job in belfast (provided i get that stupid 2.1 in my degree grrr)

wel then il be needing somewhere to rent but dont no where is really good to live and what estate agents are good to go to.

My job will be on bedford street (between city hall and dublin road cinema's)

I no its still a bit away but i also know that you need to act early to get good accomodation.

It will be for 2 people so preferably a 2 room house but would accpet a one room place
and also if possible one that dont kick ya out after a year lol.

Places i've considered
argarita plaza
cronwell court (my fav)
rugby avenue flats

but i have no notion how to go about this so i would like your help


Alrite allstart2 even tho u didt give me codes will try help u on dis 1

LAird r 1 of the biggest letting agencies around tho only use as last resort as they are notorious 4 keeping deposits..

Bedford steet is were my gf works aswel wat u strating as???

I would recommend house in the botanic area as it is within walkin distance of bedford... cronwell road wosseley india street etc.....

Try stay outa holylands if u r workin cause u will get minus sleep as dats were i lived 4 2 yr's great craic but zero work done

da spar in holyands as loads of landlord numbers also try queens uni dey hav landlord numbers..

If u do a walk around da houses dere is loads of 4let signs up coming into april may june time

i can give u my landlords number im livin off botanic dis yr e has loads of houses tho e hasnt caused me ne harm dere sumfing i dont lik about him........:thinking:

need nemore help give me shout... ps i need 2:1 as well or i screwed ps 2 seen ure a utd fan im heading in march til c dem usually go ova once or twice a yr

Original Poster

wel at the min im living in queens acc opp methody.

going to be working for the accountants down there hopefully

what is it your studying.

def not wanting to live in the holylands ugh i'd rather travel every day than live there

yeah botanic is my 1st choice its so close

didnt think of the spar must look there new bout centra.

were looking for a flat just for ourselves mainly

no doggy landlords cos its gonna be two girls lol

Naw e's not dodgey lik dat lol sick minds....:oops: e jus lik weird lik 4gets wen e supposed lift rent den rings u wondering were ure at etc e's allrite like bout 60..... tho not a chance dat will pay last months rent

wat holylands class craic... studying @ stmarys over falls road tho dont wana teach so need da 2:1 til do law an accounts as a 2 yr post grad ****** sorta fing

my gf works in lynn recruitment on bedford street... were u from??

i live on wosseley love it...... 4 nice house on botanic urer talkin 220 each tho..... mayb more if only 2 of yas.

i will rent my living room sure lol

were u studying? wat bout stranmilis???

Christ...Do they allow ye to write your essays like that in queens now? How times have changed.

Check out for an idea of rental costs in certain areas.

Original Poster

im from ballymena originally.

wel it can be a house for up to 5 people we have 3 others looking to live with us but at the min were not sure

stranmillas is fine with us to

woosley looks good, gonna head to centra down that way later lol

dont do law and accounts i done that its not good at all lol

Original Poster

nope my essays are alot better than that lol

thank you

Do you have to move to the city center? If not you'll get a nice 3 bedroom house all to yourselves in a nice denominational area of your liking for a price of a dingy flat in the center.

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leefal were would you suggest just i wont have a car so i cant drive tho could propably manage the bus lol

get a job in translink call cantre or ne translink office den ya get free bus an rail travel.... seriuosly y it no gud

Original Poster

just very hard lol

not too well organised in my opinion i changed to accounts just

well must go here get my paper lol

There is no point driving if your working in the city centre, parking will be a nightmare and you will end up parking about 10 minutes walking distance from your work (if your lucky).

Get somewhere just outside the City Centre, and just make sure its on a Metro bus route and you will be sorted :thumbsup:


need nemore help give me shout... ps i need 2:1 as well or i screwed

In that case i hope your not studying English :giggle:


leefal were would you suggest just i wont have a car so i cant drive tho … leefal were would you suggest just i wont have a car so i cant drive tho could propably manage the bus lol

I was looking during the summer and seen some nice houses for around the 450 a month rate up around glengormley. There's a few new private estates being built up around there, in particular Mayfield seems a really nice area ( theres no multicoloured lamp-posts and kerbs, if ya know what am sayin'). Tis a bit of a distance to travel though.
Considering your circumstances, not driving and all that, you're probably better off living in the centre. It means then you and yer mates can live the Ally McBeal life style without havin to pay extortionate belfast taxi fares.

google earth link to those houses.…025
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