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Hi everyone!

I'm off to Florida in April and the package we have includes car hire, provided by Alamo.
I can see on their website that they accept Debit Cards as a form of 'security' when you collect the car rather than just a Credit Card that a lot of companies do.
I just wanted clarification of this. Has anyone hired a car from Alamo and used a Debit Card as their security rather than a Credit Card?if it helps, it will be the same Debit Card and details used to book and pay for the holiday.

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Note that they put a pending transaction on your card (which holds available monies so you cannot then use them funds).

I would recommend a credit card.....
I'm sure you have a good reason to use a debit card, but in the US credit cards usually ease the way with anything to do with car hire.
Always use a credit card. That way in any disputes you can have your card issuer take the case on with the retailer.
General tips:
Make sure you photograph your car from every angle, including details shots. Before driving off.
Especially if there's any damage.

Think carefully about all the "extras" that they'll offer you at the desk.

Rass the s*** off it before returning it
I got one from their Florida airport desk last year, was all good and I used a debit card as had no other option! but yeah always use a credit card and always have loads of change in the car for the millions of toll booths! Have fun
To put your mind at ease for other things. I have rented a lot of cars with national and Alamo (same company) over the past 8 years in the USA I have never once had a problem. Great company. You even get to pick the car you want in the car park from any in the class you have booked. They don't try to upsell extras either.

Ideally you should use a credit card.
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If you get pulled over by the cops, DONT keep your wallet with drivers licence in your jacket pocket.
I only use Alamo now, they are great. However I’d use a credit card as debit cards can cause issues in America
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