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Hi everyone, love this site and use it pretty much every day! I know you are all helpful and I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice?

I have been renting rooms in shared houses for the past 7-8 years (Uni & new place of work) and never had to sign up to any contacts etc. I have been looking at renting a flat of my own and I wanted your opinion.

People advertise with a 'per calendar month' or 'per week' figure - is it the done thing to haggle over these prices? or is it accepted that these are the prices you pay? does it make a difference if it is going through a letting agency?

Also, with a 'per week' figure how is the payment normally collected? is it:
('price per week' x 52) / 12 paid on the same day each month?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

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think the prices are pretty much set, there so many people looking to rent that theres no room for haggling!

As for how payments are collected is all up to the landlord/lady some take payments literally weekly others will work it the way you mentioned. Obviously a pay monthly amount does take into account that some months have more days than others so averages up to same amount over a year in the majority of cases!

you can most certainly haggle i haggled with a agency with the last property i was renting, i managed to get £30 knocked off per calander month, might not sound alot but it pays ya water bill, good luck with renting, but be careful when you move out because they will try there hardest to screw your deposit money out of you. :thumbsup:

Haggle, the landlord doesnt want their place empty. I dropped £40 per month the 1st year i let my house out, this year it got taken for asking. Set up a direct debit, dont deal in cash - not all land lords are trustworthy!
Just pay them monthly pcm commencing the date u move in.

Dont forget also now u are not sharing and will be renting the whole house, council tax becomes ur responsibility and not the landlords - might b worth negotiating?

By all means try to haggle if ur not in a rush to rent on ur own.
per calender month - every month on the same date u pay ur rent e.g. £250
Weekly is more expensive as u have sussed out the weeks and divide into months hence...
go for per calender month plus inclusive of bills if possible + council tax +tv license

I didn't know you can haggle on rent until I saw Apprentice lol

Obviously, there is almost no room to haggle on hot properties but if a flat/house has been vacant for months, you can usually try to get the owner to reduce the rent since they rather have someone paying rent monthly at a lower rate than have no one pay rent at all.

Depends, the place I am currently in is fairly premium and would have rented regardless, hence I had no ability to negotiate. However, extras like some (or all) furnishings are often a point for negotiation.

Payment depends on the place also, some might start from the 1st of the month for rental, some from when you move in, etc. Remember that PCM is not the same as weekly rent x 4. You need to multiply the weekly rent by 52 and divide by 12 to get the equivalent.

You'll almost always see per week/per month.

Whatever you do haggle, if you go through agents it's the norm that the landlord/agent will expect you to knock off £50 per month minimum.

Also, you need to ask whether bills are included or excluded, WHO do you go for with problems with the house (is it the agent, the landlord), any clauses for you to leave earlier than your contract stipulates (i.e. termination clause for you to give one month's notice after 12 months, even though your lease is for 18 for example), who keeps the deposit for the property (usually they take one months deposit in case you leave the house in a sorry state....and make sure it's the agent not the landlord or you might have a dispute and they will most likely NOT give it back to you - that's like £500 deposit as a month's rent nowadays!).

Some agents also charge you for referral fee (some take a week's rent, some charge you a fee for the contract), you might as well also check on because it's free and doesn't go through agents usually - although some agents do put adverts up there also.

I'll also advise you to look up some more details online about renting properties for other things to look for.

I've rented most of my life as my job moves about. Everywhere wanted PCM payments and an additional month as payment for the deposit. Every landlord has tried to keep at least 50% of the deposit and I've had to argue and compromise to bring them down.

If your on your own then make sure you apply for the single person discount on the Council Tax. Also beware of certain properties where there are communal grounds as their maybe additional costs for the maintenance of the grounds.

My best experience was letting with a private landlord and he paid the Council Tax and the maintenance fees but i had problems when things went wrong like a water leak as he had to come around and sort stuff out.

If your planning on leaving and you've damaged stuff - like a stained mattress or whatever then try to source the materials yourself as cheaply as you can before you show them around, if its furnished.

From what I heard on the radio the other day, the student rental market is a pain as many landlords rent the flat but include additional costs such as broadband, sky, and other items into the cost - watch out for that as well.

Hope some of this helps you out - good luck !!

Original Poster

Thanks everyone! you have been really helpful as ever... Just the sort of advice I was looking for.

There are some good points and at least I know that there is the option to haggle if the situation is right. I am visiting a place tonight - so I'll try and suss' them out ;-) I have been checking out gumtree etc. but a few had caught my eye from letting agents and I wanted to be prepared.

Thanks again...
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