Renting dehumifidier for water leak

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Had a mains water leak in the house, pretty much flooded the downstairs kitchen and bathroom. Problems solved but the plumber said I should rent a dehumidifier and let it run for a few days to suck up the moisture and combat any damp issues.
Anyone have experience with this? Any recommendations, cheaper options etc?
Thanks in advance!
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Well your brick work will soak up the moisture and hold it for a long time so getting a dehumidifier is the right thing to do. It draws moisture out of the air and in doing so will allow the air to pull the moisture out of your brickwork etc.

Try a local hire where you would normally hire tools from, they will probably have some. The cost of trying to avoid hiring one could be significantly more to try and deal with damp/mould. If your hire cost is more than £150 you could consider buying one from Argos/Homebase etc but the household ones would need to probably be run for a few weeks as the industrial ones pull more moisture. You could then sell it on shpock/gumtree after and recoup some money.
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Also try to seal the area up when and where possible otherwise you will be just sucking in moisture from other surrounding areas.
If you're claiming of your insurance policy they'll normally arrange one for you.
Just going through the same thing here.
1. Decide whether you want to go through insurance - we aren't because of a ridiculous excess and unrealistic conditions.
2. If you think insurance will pay out, contact them and see if they have their own team to manage the repairs.
3. If they don't, try to get a claims management company involved - ones that I found in SE England were CGB Fire and Flood Reinstatement, Polygon UK & Concept Building Solutions (all can be found on Google) - they will argue with the loss adjuster and try to get you the best deal from your insurance.
4. If you are doing it yourself, get dehumidifiers in as soon as possible. I bought a small one off Gumtree but then found a friend of a friend who rents them and we now have a proper sized one working 24x7 which is doing a much better job.
5. I did look at HSS & Jewson hire but decided it was better to hire from someone that could also give advice on what was needed rather than just what we could afford or looked good. If you are in SE, try PCPS .
6 Don't leave it too long to start drying - we probably did and are getting mould patches which need fungicide.
Sounds like you situation is slightly different to ours (unoccupied house, one hr drive away) but reply if I can help more.
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Just buy …Just buy onehttps://www.screwfix.com/p/wdh-122h-12r-12ltr-dehumidifier/72503?

This ^^^^^^^^^ and get a fan for a tenner while your there,
33515382-bU8UF.jpgIt speeds up the drying time.
get a delonghi dehumidifier for just over £100. they don't cost much so you won't save anything by renting one.
Rent a massive unit from one of the hire places, it'll do a better job faster.
hubcms5 h, 13 m ago

Also try to seal the area up when and where possible otherwise you will be …Also try to seal the area up when and where possible otherwise you will be just sucking in moisture from other surrounding areas.

And open windows if possible as the relative humidity is far lower outside at this time of year
Thanks for the advice everyone. Ended up hiring a unit from Jewsons along with a small fan to circulate the air. Hopefully it does the trick!
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