Renting flat at uni tips?

    Currently in process of finalising for a flat for next year at uni. It's my first time renting a flat, so I would really be grateful for any tips, and advice.

    Found a four room house, which is really decent - a couple of others from uni are willing to rent the house as a whole; we are meeting the landlord in a few weeks, by then I assume the deposite will be paid, and we'd have to sign some sort of contract - then move in later.

    The electricity, water, gas bills we will share - and have agreed a monthly fee already.

    All these should be simple, though are there anything I need to watch out for?


    When you finally move into a place, take photos of all the rooms/condition of furniture etc within the first couple of days so that at the end of your tenancy you can avoid getting stung for breaking stuff/making marks on walls etc if they were already there when you moved in. Also make a list of these things and get the landlord to check them over and sign off your list.

    Read every single word of the contract before signing it.
    If sharing, remember friendships can soon turn sour over who owes what on bills.
    Make sure your landlord puts your deposit into the deposit protection scheme.
    Go through the inventory with a fine toothcomb, make notes of any discrepancies, also a good idea to have a witness with you when you move in to verify the condition. Might even be worth video recording the state of the place before you move your stuff in.

    You sound sorted, you guys might have to decide how to pay for tv license or not :whistling:
    i hope you have good flatmates that can remember to flush the toilets!!


    Good advice from Trickyjabs and angelfairee, definitely not OTT as the first time I was renting I got charged a k after moving out.…383

    Within 14 days of receiving a deposit
    The landlord or agent must give the tenant the details about how their deposit is protected including:[LIST]
    [*]the contact details of the tenancy deposit scheme selected
    [*]the landlord or agent’s contact details
    [*]how to apply for the release of the deposit
    [*]information explaining the purpose of the deposit
    [*]what to do if there is a dispute about the deposit[/LIST]
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