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    I am currently confused about the official notice required when vacating a property. Is it one months or 2 months prior to the date you want to leave?

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    It should be in the contract.

    check your contract mate, but be aware you may lose your deposit for leaving the contract early

    Yes, will be in the contract, but it has always been one month in any contract I've ever had - and I've had a few!

    Usually a month but your contract could specify a year!

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    Usually a month but your contract could specify a year!

    Yes, but there are laws regarding max and min notice periods depending on the type of contract. Sorry, no time to find a link....

    Depends on the Tenancy created - is it residential property or commerical property?

    If it is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy for residential property strictly speaking if you are the tenant you do not need to serve a notice to quit as the tenancy will cease and the tenant will confirm this with the surrender of the property. That is unless the Tenancy agreement (and/or agreement for tenancy) specifically states that you are to serve a notice in which case you must do so. The amount of notice requried will be stated

    As previously mentioned 'Check your Contract' however as a Tenant you should give a minimum 1 Months notice to the Landlord which any UK court would accept if it ever went that far...

    The Landlord/Agent must serve on you a 'Notice to Quit' a minimum of 2 full Calendar months before they require you to vacate.

    Hope this helps.

    Its normally a months notice but the minimum period of the contract will need to have been fulfilled.

    If you have a shorhold protected tennancy it will be 1 month (you can give this on the 11th month) to finish you tennancy at the 12 month period,.


    My girlfriends was 3 months so it will vary


    My girlfriends was 3 months so it will vary

    Three months would never stand up in a Court of Law even in a signed Contract!

    1 Month is reasonable notice by the Tenant, 3 months is longer than the legal minimum Notice required to be given by the Landlord for possession.

    The Law around Assured Shorthold Tenancies, in fact any type of Tenancy is in favour of the Tenant when it comes to the Courts.
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