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Posted 27th Jan
I currently have a 'budget' CCTV system (IP PTZ 5MP camera) which sits on a H.VIEW NVR system.

I'm looking to upgrade this to a Reolink (or similar) system - so far, I'm looking at their NVR Recorder with 4x 5MP cameras
(…3DS) which totals to £344.99 (after applying on-screen discount).

Or, I'm looking at their 8MP cameras
(…QW/) which totals to £470.99 (after applying on-screen discount).

My questions;
1) Are these 'pricey' for what you get? Should I wait for them to be reduced in price more before I bite?
2) Is there a significant difference between 5MP & 8MP cameras?
3) Can anyone recommend another brand that does similar/better than Reolink?

The reason why I'm making the 'switch' from budget to branded is purely because with budget, you get what you pay for (the apps are shocking).

Appreciate any comments/input!
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I just installed the Reolink 4mp cameras you mentioned above. I got the 4 camera setup with the 8 channel NVR so I have the option to upgrade in the future.

In regards to your questions for price try purchasing form the Reolink eBay page. I managed to get a £35 discount by insisting with lower offers! You still get the technical support and 2 year warranty.

I can’t say much about 8mp cameras as this is my first cctv Setup.
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