I'm pretty new to this - can you read rep that people have left you????



    control panel, next to where your pm's are, at top of page on right

    Click control panel in the top right hand corner

    Not everyone leaves a message though, some people do some dont....also you dont always know who left you the rep.

    My favourite recent rep:
    "For proving to me that at least one HDUK member has a sense of humour"

    My most recent is just a ;-)

    I was thinking (yes!) earlier that I could do with a way of listing rep that I've given, because sometimes my brain doesn't work very well.
    I get that I could write it down - but a list of rep out, like the rep received.

    can i have some lol

    Help thread in my sig for newbies if you want it

    funniest thing is few of my hukd pals have repped me....
    I do enjoy seeing who has appreciated my normally insane posts
    tbh most of my rep has come from times when i've posted something that has helped someone, so that's pretty good.

    yea thast where most of mine is however little it is

    Someone repped me to have a pop at me last week. :-D


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    Thanks guys - really appreciated. Now I know!!

    Original Poster

    Thanks again guys - just seen reps you've lft me x x
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