rep for giving me a word

    what's the term for it when you transfer money direct into someone's account?


    Bank Transfer..?

    Bank Wire Transfer? :?


    a bank transfer?

    Yeah its a bank wire transfer..


    Generous........thought it more original than the real answer thats already been given!


    It is actually called a "Telegraphic transfer". Most practices shorten it to "TT".


    Bank Wire Transfer? :?


    if you are setting something up on your internet banking it will come under the heading 'payments' but otherwise it is known as a Bank Transfer

    or deposit?


    CHAPS Transfer?

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    that'll be the badger. Danke.

    I think you're referring to a BACS transfer, which is the mechanism used for making payment via Internet banks such as First Direct, HSBC et al.



    CHAPS Transfer?

    Correct. Thats the bank term for it. That and BACS (which is the 3-4 working days). CHAPS is usually the same working day. Even though I have quoted you, this is just general information as I know you will probably already know this!!

    electronic funds transfer

    so which one is it op?

    Not withdrawl ?

    Trust me I'm a Nigerian Prince


    what about, you send me some money, and i then tell you what it says on my statement?



    If I could just have your sort code and account number, I can wire you the monies immediately.

    Escrow if a third party handles the transaction or just Wire if it's direct.

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    so which one is it op?

    Bank transfer was the one I think I was trying to think of. Rep'd everyone for lending my ailing brain a hand, though. Except Cantona, who posted a few moments too late, and i'd given out all the rep I had to give today before I got to his post, unfortunately.

    cheers all.
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