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My house has a flat roof with that asphelt on it, however its been up years and it needs replacing now.I had it patched up here and there over the years when i had a leak come through the bathroom.I know its not going to be cheap to replace all the felt, but i thought maybe a fibreglass roof would be better, can anyone recommend this kind of roofing before i go spending on it all.

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I have been told that a fibreglass roof is very noisy when it rains, I think the modern felt is much better than the older type and thats why I stayed with felt.
Hope this helps.

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how much did you pay roughly so i dont get ripped off or is it easy to put on yourself


My neighbour and I replaced our garage roof about a year ago. We used EPDM rubber membrane, which was wide enough to cover a block of two single garages in one go.

We replaced the decking with 3/4" WBP Ply and also one of the trimming timbers because the original had rotted quite a lot.

We used a Boron based preservative compound on all the damp timber (better than the Cuprinol type stuff, but quite pricey)

We got everything from this outfit: ]http//ww….uk who were really helpful generally and who can provide a helpful video as well.

Be prepared for a lot of hard work. The rubber sheet for the 6.5 x 6m roof of our two garages was more than we could lift between two of us and was just about manageable feeding it up as a loose roll.

The whole lot took about a week (mostly because we had to keep starting and stopping because of the rain and the fact that we were new to this)

I reckon that given good weather a couple of guys who knew what they were doing would have had our garage done in a couple of days.

It cost us about £1600, including the rubber, adhesives, edge trim, uPVC fascias and all the new decking. A domestic roof might need a heavier rubber and there's also considerations of how the roof is insulated (Is it a "Warm Roof"? - look that up)

We did look at fibreglass, but the problem there is that it's very messy, you have to be careful not to mix up too much resin in one hit (it starts to give off heat as it cures in the bucket and this can run away). The other thing with GRP is that even if the existing tiimber deck is sound, you may need to replace that, as traces of the roofing tar/bitumen left will prevent the resin in contact with it from curing properly.

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thanks for all the info mate sounds a bit too much for my diy skills, didnt relise it was that expensive, there goes my holiday next year

I paid £540 for an area a little bigger than a single garage, this was over a year ago. It was the higher of two prices I was given,this one has a 15 year guarantee.

My mum used to have a flat roof on her chalet. Every year we had buckets strategically placed when it rained. One day when she was better off she got it all replaced, it was expensive but well worth it, if you cut corners you will end up with the bucket situation!!!!
When choosing what sort of roof to have on my house I steered away from flat as I wanted low maintenance, I think they quote a max of 15 years life for felt.
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