Repair your Discs AT GAME!!

Found 12th Jan 2008
Not the best deal around, but helpful to know.

Repair your Discs
Games, DVDs, Music & Blu-ray
Only £2.99 each, or 3 for only £5!

Service Features:
Single disc repairs: Charge of £2.99.
Three disc repairs: Charge of £5.00.
Trade-in repairs: Charge of £1.00 per disc.
Multimedia: Repairs CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs restoring your favourite music, movies and games to working order in minutes!
Repair times: 2, 5 or 8 minutes depending on disc type and overall damage. (Blu-Ray Discs require 5 minutes minimum).
Like New: The Disc-Go-Devil grinding machine removes a very thin (1/1000th of a millimetre) layer and polishes your disc to a 'like new' finish!
Spotting An Unrepairable Disc:
Most scratch-damaged discs can be repaired; but discs suffering other types of damage or excessive scratching can't be.

Here's how to spot a disc that's beyond repair:

Excessive scratching: Scratches too deep or numerous may affect the ability to repair it. Typically however, 94% of discs can be repaired.
Cracks: Typically start from the inside out.
Dents: Indentations or chips at the edge of the disc, caused by blunt force
Warping: The disc being bent or otherwise distorted out of shape. Usually due to heat damage.
Foil Damage: Damage on the label side of the disc. If you can see light all the way through, the disc is likely unrepairable.
Layer separation: Excessive heat or bending can see layers separate. Check to see if the colour of the disc has altered from the usual silver/gold.

At least now you'll be able to buy pre-owned games with clean discs.
Think they are very smart chargeing £1 service for trade ins.

First hotukdeal post.

I know this ones like ice but still handy to know.

Regards searchersearcher

P.S anyone know of any other services that do this at a better price?
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Good idea, although if you are desperate there are other remedies. I fixed one of my XBox games with toothpaste the other day - works fine now. for details see here…php
Not Hot and should be in Misc forum. Blockbuster do the same thing for a similar price.....
and many "joe bloggs" games shops do them cheaper!
The Trade in repairs for £1 is interesting thought meaning you could trade in scratched games and they will knock £1 off. Does this mean all pre owned GAME games are going to be scratch free? I doubt it.

Also, does this mean that it actually costs them £1 to do the service and that the extra £1.99 is profit? Most likely!
The people @ Blockbuster in my area do it for a little drink. Should give it a go.
WRONG forum...... do you work for Game?..
You're right Guys :thumbsup: Moved to misc

Also, does this mean that it actually costs them £1 to do the service and … Also, does this mean that it actually costs them £1 to do the service and that the extra £1.99 is profit? Most likely!

ha half it and half it again your probly closer to the true costs!

You're right Guys :thumbsup: Moved to misc

Thanks JB :thumbsup:
is this at all game stores
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