Found 20th Jul 2007
I am running through some bad luck at the moment with things not working within a year of buying them.

Digifusion PVR - got to see if Microdirect will replace, refund or give me a 5amp PSU. Off to Manchester to see what they say.

Dixons 27" LCD TV - reported it faulty on Wednesday, they didn't come round til the following Tuesday (10th July), they couldn't offer me a spare TV, and I have had two letters to say they have ordered parts (must be 2 lots) and still no news of the TV. Ordered online so that will teach me.

and finally

Clearance Nokia 6300 at The Phone Spot - got in May, it went to the Carphonewarehouse express repairs 28 June (as they do their repairs), on July 4th they threw in the towel and sent it to Nokia for a fix, and I got it back on July 18th. Only it still had the fault - wouldn't recognise the SIM - so they kept it and sent it off to Nokia for another repair. At least I had a standby.

There are going to be a lot of complaints with these but where do I stand? For a TV are you able to claim for the weeks you are without it? For the phone, I would sooner have the phone replaced with a like for like, and some compensation for them messing me around by returning it and saying it was fixed. They were more concerned in selling me Talk Talk than testing it out - it was me who did this and tell them!

And I haven't even mentioned Tiscali who took 4 calls and 2 emails to tell their support line my modem wasn't working and could they send me a new one. Got £10 credit for the period I didn't have broadband.

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