Repairs to Dell Laptop Screen

    The screen on my Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop has failed, does anybody know any company that repairs the screens using genuine Dell parts. All the companies I have contacted use copy parts and can't guarantee that the screen fitted will be of the same quality as the genuine Dell True-Life 15.4" WXGA screen. Dells own website doesn't seem to give details aout repairs.

    Can anybody help.


    prob dell don't actually make the screens anyway so they will be the only ones to know for sure what it is and where it comes from, give them a call!!

    if you got ur laptop in the last 6 years, which i imagine u have... then just fone dell and say under the sale of goods act 1979(as amended) a product has to last up to a maximum of 6 years without manufacturer faults(doesn't matter if it came with 1 year warranty or not one at all!)! and since u say ur screen has "failed" then that would be a fault (u sure u didnt drop it :p??).

    if they refuse just keep foning back and if it comes to it, say ur gona contact their head office about taking legal action! since screens can cost hundreds to repair. haha watch them finally agreeing to a repair/replacement or even a partial refund! read more here:

    : ]http//ww…ain

    let me know how u get on... :-D
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