Replace fuse box with RCD consumer unit

Posted 10th Jun 2010
I am planning to change an old fuse box in the house and have the newer RCD consumer unit fitted by a qualified sparky. Can anyone offer me any advice, let me know what to watch out for, the good and the bad.

Having spoken to one or two people with these units, it seems a bulb blowing can trip out the whole circuit (resulting in a blackout) or a heavy wattage item like an iron or a cooker can trip the RCD. Are they really worth having?
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if you have a new fuse box or wiring done it HAS to be an rcd by law anyway

yes, a bulb blowing can trip the rcd, a high wattage item wont unless its faulty anyway
but i believe modern wiring can separate the socket rcd from the lighting side to solve that very problem

very much worth having, better than a metal casing causing you to die as it was live...
or you drill into the wall into a live wire...
a good electrician will put you straight!
Any reputable electrican would choose a unit to serve your needs.

RCD/MCB's are far safer than fuses go for it.
we have an old fuse box but instead of replacing the whole united we got things like these


they replace your current fuse, which makes it easier to flick on and off rather than changing fuse wire.

they do em for lighting and sockets
Heres a tip. Get a quote from British Gas's electricans and a local guy. Call british gas to say your local guy is cheaper and more often than not they will match the local guy and you get their full complete customer service.

I'm sure many people don't like British Gas, but they're pretty damn quick when things go wrong for us at least!
I had mine done and it is a joy!
No more worries that if a fuse goes I am going to be fiddling around trying to replace a bit of wire!
Mine was done just before some regulations or other changed, but I'm sure my sparky said that the new regs mean that they have to fit new boards now, so when a fuse goes it can only trip out the fuses that it applies to - e.g. if a light goes it trips out the lights on that floor, or if a plug goes it trips out the lights on that floor etc. instead of fusing everything in the house. I might be wrong, but I'm sure that was what he said.
When I had mine done, he earthed the electrics to the water supply at the same time - but I think my house was built at the same time as the ark.
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