Replacement 360 drive (Benq)

    I am looking to swap a "broken" Lite-on drive out of a 360 with a Benq drive.

    It is recommended that a Benq is used because they have the same SS Partition Read, as opposed to the samsung or hitachi, which could result in an xbox live ban.

    The drive needs to be a Benq and also to be used specifically with a 360, i don't mind importing, just looking for cheap as possible.

    is the import tax charged on total value of the item (product + postage) or just on the product


    broken eh? :thumbsup:

    Don't you need some special kit to extract the Liteon key in order to spoof it?

    I know a guy who does this but he only uses Samsung and Hitachi drives, the Benqs are a ****** to get hold of apparently

    Not heard about the SS issue to be honest.....

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    kit doesn't cost a great deal as i've just ordered one, and its not the maximus con merchants either lol, although I do like his firmware tool.

    from every guide that I have read, albeit probably the same source it mentions the issues with using non philips drives.

    Which guides?

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    main source - ]clicky

    edit: Just seen they have created a spoof fix so i can use a sammy and maybe a hitachi... so any replacement drive should be ok


    main source - ]clicky

    Some interesting reading. Not quite sure how much i'd read into it though personally, i've not heard anything about any issues with the other drives in anything i've come across

    I wouldn't bother doing anything myself; c4eva has already said hes managed to patch the Liteon drive, and rumour has it he'll make a release shortly after the autumn update do new Samsungs at $59.99 plus shipping etc if you do want to go ahead though

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    yeah hope the ban hammer doesn't fall on me... think i'll browse ebay

    benqs go for round £70 on ebay, damn i wanted an elite but im afraid it'll have an effin LITE ON drive so i cba buying one.

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    relatively easy process to swap the lite-on drive if its faulty, you do have to repair some solder traces on the drive to be able to retrieve the key. I bought a Samsung MS25 last night, hope to receive it early next week. My 360 is at microsoft and if they fix it they may swap my drive to a lite-on.
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