Replacement battery bought last year off ebay swelled up and ruined my Samsung Tablet. What are my rights? Ebay is not doing anything.

Found 2nd Nov 2017
Hey guys,

Bought a replacement battery last year off ebay that was supposedly 100% brand new genuine battery with 6 months warranty. After 2 months it had problems holding charge. Complained to the seller and he wanted me to Pay for a replacement even though it was under warranty. Fast forward a year later the battery completely swelled up and popped out my tablet's screen and ruined it.

Can't really contact Ebay CS as there is no way to as the item was purchased last year. I posted to them on twitter with images but all they suggest is paypal and stopped replying.
How do I get the seller off the ebay market and have him replace my Tablet? What are my rights and who can I go to?
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As ceres has stated

@ 2 months you should have sorted the issue with Ebay/Paypal

Unless you have the actual communication (through Ebay's system) of your contact with the seller regarding the problem @ 2 months which may assist you there is nothing much more you can do.

Contact Ebay through the correct process if you have that evidence
Within 6 months of purchase you would raise a claim with Paypal, who would then just give you a refund and charge the seller a hefty charge back/reversal fee. Paypal can not even ask you to return the defective battery, as the terms of service of Royal Mail/courier companies forbid it.

After a year your only real recourse is the small claims court.
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Unfortunately the above advice is correct. You are out of time for any remedy with eBay or Paypal.

If the seller is a business, you will be able to locate his address on his listings. You will need to write to him and give him the opportunity to sort the matter out. If that fails, google LBA (Letter Before Action) and make a case for a MCOL (Money Claim On Line) the old Small Claims Process.…ney

This assumes the seller is in England/Wales. There is a different process for Scotland and Northern Ireland. If the seller is elsewhere it may not be easy for you to progress.
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As windym says it's down to the old county court route.
This is usually far better than ebay "send item back -refund"
Is it a samsung battery? You can try to contact the manufacturer and ask them to look into the product for you. I doubt they will replace your tablet but they may give you some compensation
If it was faulty after two months, it may well not be genuine.
Try contacting Samsung (via FB or Twitter) and see if you can get them to confirm it was a legit battery. That would strengthen you claim against the seller.
Alternatively, just tell him your are sending it to the Samsung fraud team unless he compensates you.
Never buy battery’s on eBay, especially if they say they are genuine, they rarely are
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