Replacement blade for lawn mower

Posted 22nd Jun 2020
i recently snapped my Bosch rotak blade. It’s a 34r model. Confused only which blade to buy sorry if I sound ridiculous but so many on eBay etc just need to know will any 32cm for Bosch work?
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a 34r takes 34cm blade just type in rotak 34r blade make sure it has the bend at each end it help scoop the grass into grass box
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Beware of blades on eBay saying things like "Fits Bosch 34, 3404R and 340ER. Equivelent to Bosch F016L65157, F016800271 & BQ341.". Get a genuine Bosch replacement. Cost a little bit more, but it'll fit/work properly and last longer.
Great thanx should do it and cheaper than ebay
Scotland131423/06/2020 08:25 Try this

it might fit ie its 34cm but its not like even like the proper bosch blade for the model op has,i would not buy this
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