replacement car keys

    hi posted few days ago about losing car keys............... we managed to get inside car from recovery ppl.
    now that we have key codes can anybody tell us where we can get keys cut near newcastle upon tyne other than main dealer and some rough prices too.


    depends where in newcastle you are. Asda gosforth have a key cutting service instore as i know i got a door key cut there. Dont know if they do car keys though as thats a different kettle of fish

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    im not sure if they do it either but thank:):)

    I'm not sure what type of car you have but I needed 2 new Fiat keys and as they had to have the electronic key codes I had to go to the Fiat dealership and was charged £60 each! That was 3 years ago, bet they're charging more these days.

    Yup, most modern cars need to go to the main stealership to get copies and replacements, conveniently :roll: Because of this, they charge a fortune, i believe for a new keyfob and key for mine is around £120, probably more now, i told them where to stick it

    Yes as already mentioned it really does depend make and model of vehicle!

    If it is a fairly new car with remote central locking then the chances are you may have to visit a costly dealership I'm afraid!

    good luck.
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