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    Can someone help me with this. I have an emachine e525 and the screen has packed in. I want to replace the screen. Is there a way of getting a basic non emachine screen that will fit, as long as i get the correct sizes!

    And how would i go about it



    I take it, it is a laptop?

    You could either buy a monitor/tv and plug it in so that you can just use it as a desktop or if you don't mind taking it apart then you can get a replacement screen and fit it in place of the duff one.

    You do need to be careful to get the right screen though, it is likely that another brand of laptop would use the same panel but I have no idea how you would find out, it would need to have the same connection the the motherboard. All the ones I have ever taken apart have been different. Your easiest option would be to find one from the same model.

    I know the shops that replace phone screens do them as well


    it highly unlikely that you would be able to find a matching size screen 15.6", the right connector 40 pin as where the connector is would also have to match up to that model, i.e it the motherboard has the connector on the left than the replacement screen much to

    with out the part number anyways, if you opened it up and token the part number of the screen then you might find another laptop that uses that same screen, tho i doubt it wouldnt make it any cheaper, (since computer part salers tend to know what parts can be used as cross laptop parts and tend to work out pricing based on that fact)

    you would be best to look for spares and repairs e525s on ebay (the kind sold without memory harddrives ects) (£20 and up) and ask the sellers if the screens work, and hopefully get a honest seller (or one that will prove it as more resalers have a few laptops o hand at a time they can take parts from to get it to power on and take a picture, since most salers fix grade C wholesale laptops up to sell *getting 1 or 2 working ones from 5 or so junk ones that cost them near to nothing*), or just to buy a new replacement e525 screen (£35 and up), or take it to a shop for a screen replacement (£60 up i would guess since its normal labor is 50% and the part is 50% even if the job takes but a few mins)

    as for how you would go about it, it would be easyer to google "how to replace e525 laptop screen" and find a you tube video, than base you choices of cost of doing it your self vs taking to a shop, on how confident you feel about doing it you self and the cost different of having a professorial do it

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    cheers for advice folks...seen a couple of same make and model on ebay and they said they were unsure if screen worked so i didnt bother,, i will keep my eyes peeled

    As long as you have the part number you should be able to find compatible models. I think the screens you will most likely find will be Samsung or LG. They tend to be £40-50 for a new screen or £25-35 for a used one. Try searching e-bay with your laptop model.

    For how best to go about it there are plenty of videos on youtube which show how to replace laptop screens.
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