replacement dell battery - Inspiron 1300


    I've got to replace the battrey in my dads dell laptop he has an Inspiron 1300 and this is the battery…747

    but it's £125 from dell! Is there another company I can buy them from. I've seen some cheap ones on ebay from hong kong but he has no desktop so uses this laptop a lot & I don't really want to blow him up!

    Thanks for any advice.


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    clicky link for battery on the dell site.


    [url][/url] possibly?

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    Thanks thats a lot better already. Stranegly there are two listed does anyone know if there is any diference?



    One is £75 and one is £55 btu I can't work out the diference?


    EDIT - cuzzy - it sure looks the same to me! Do you think it's a dodgy exploding knock off or the real thing? It's only £23.19!!!

    They are all knock-off non originals.

    Think I have a spare one. If you PM me the part number, will sell really cheap.

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    I PM'd you yesterday guru - did you get it?

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