Replacement Desktop

    Looking for some informed advice... It's time to replace my desktop which is mainly used for surfing the web, word processing, photo's etc. I was thinking of a laptop for flexibility but then I'm torn towards another desktop!

    Any views about which is the best way to go as well as any advice on the best current deals and features to look out for based on my needs?

    I need your help guys!!


    Unless you really need the portability of a laptop, I would stick with a desktop. The processor's worst enemy is heat and desktops are so much easier to keep cool plus you can upgrade desktops far cheaper and easier than laptops. As for current deals, you're in the right place lol. Just type desktop into search box on this page and you'll get loads of deals.

    I agree that unless you NEED a laptop then go for a desktop.

    You get more processing power for your money on a desktop than a laptop (faster CPU, more memory, bigger hard disks for less money).

    The screen can be bigger on a desktop (I have a 22" screen, try getting that on a laptop).

    Desktops are easier to upgrade (and fix) than a laptop.

    Laptops are eaier to break than a desktop (they can be dropped, liquid spilt on them etc).

    Laptops are easier to steal than a desktop.

    There are advantages of a laptop over a desktop (portability), but if you say you cant decide go for a desktop.
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