replacement digitiser and frame for nexus 4

decided to attempt a repair on a nexus 4. I think it needs new screen and just wondering if anyone has bought one. preferably a UK seller also majority of screens on ebay seem to be 4.5 inch but original is 4.7inch so would prefer close to original if it doesn't cost much more.... thanks for any help..


huh if original is 4.7 doubt 4.5 would work.even if it fits somehow magically

You cannot fix the screen itself. You need a whole frame since both are glued together

The battery life is terrible on a Nexus 4 (my first decent phone). Just buy another phone.

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I got it to tinker about with not actually going to
be a main phone.

the lcd is just smaller so it does work and is supplied with frame.
just wondered if anyone knew where to get an original sized lcd and frame?

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