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Replacement foam for Aldi rattan sofa

Any ideas where the best place is to source the foam inserts for the rattan garden furniture from aldi? The foam in ours has gone really flat!
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    If it's actually Rattan then any upholstry foam cut to size place will do. Normal foam doesn't like getting wet but neither does actual rattan.

    If it's rattan-style or synthetic rattan (i.e. wickerwork of some other material) and lives outdoors then you'll want specific outdoor seating foam. I think it's closed cell foam.
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    Look for a shop that sells foam for stuffing, home crafts, furniture, etc. If you were in Southampton I could recommend a shop
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    Look up local foam supplier. They just clone what you have buy cutting and can put a basic cover over.
    Different foams available. We got our sofa foam replaced
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    We got foam from eBay as we didn’t have any local. 
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    These guys were recommended by a fellow hukder
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    The website is stuck in 1995.
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