Replacement for Garmin Nuvi 270 Sat-nav

    Had my car broken into at 2am and the Sat-nav stolen. I bought it while visiting friends in the States at Easter (it was cheaper than renting one with the car). Probably not gonna go back to the states for a couple of years so what should I get to replace it?

    Same model is around £200 on Amzon (XS on the insurance is £150 and they'll only pay £100 for the contents so I'm not feeling that rich!)

    Garmin nuvi 255 seems good for £80 on Amazon - it has traffic too (is this any good?) but not US maps so I'd have to buy 'em if we go back soon.

    Any particular features you'd recommend me to look for? Traffic sound sintersting but probably ultimately pointless unless it works well in central Scotland. That thingy where it announces st names so i don't miss em looking at the screen might be nice?


    Get one of these from Ebuyer : :thumbsup:…673

    It comes with Turbodog ...which is rubbish ...but you can install Tomtom and hacked maps onto it for free ....if u know where to look ! ;-)

    It also plays MP3's, DivX movies, Photo's, etc ...........

    Prefer ]this unit is slimmer and better built than my old navigo.

    Same rules apply as above if you wish to upgrade (wink,wink) A very helpful site is the simplesatnav takes about 10min.

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    Thanks guys, after looking at a few Garmins I decided to buy the Nuvi 255 traffic, but went back to Amazon and it was over £100.

    So I went down the wink, wink route and ordered a 3.5" F&H (this one:…765 ) for £39.99 and downloaded EU maps from simplesatnav (half the price of the Garmin I was looking at and if I'm back in the states before it gets nicked/lost/broken then I can download maps for it).
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