Replacement for the BT Smart Hub

Posted 5th Dec 2019
Wi-fi speed is awful at the moment with BT & the amount of smart devices in the house so was looking to jump on the Wi-fi 6 bandwagon, or would I be better off with a Wi-fi 5 router for now?
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What smarthub do you have as Smarthubs are excellent routers when it comes to wifi, my Smarthub 6 gives excellent speed/coverage in a large house.

Have you separated the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands so you can choose which network to connect too? you should try that first, devices have a habit of selecting 2.4GHz, 5GHz will give you much faster speeds even with a fair signal, I get 500Mbps with a fair signal which is more than enough for anything

Turning off DHCP and assigning static IP's isn't a bad idea either with lots of devices in the house
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Do you have any devices that actually support wifi ax? If not then your shiny new ax router will be operating in ac mode with all of your new devices.

Smart devices generally don't use a lot of bandwidth so without any details I'd suspect that adding a couple more access points to your network is a better choice then going for something capable of handling more throughput.
I have the standard “BT Smart Hub WiFi Cable & Fibre Router - AC 2600, Dual-band“ but I had an offer to get the newer smart hub with the discs - whole home Wi-fi or similar.

I assumed going Wi-fi 6 now was overkill, and expensive, so the newer smart hub is probably the better option.

I do have the 2 bands separated as most of the smart devices only connect to 2.4ghz.

As for devices that support Wi-fi 6 - its zero, but the OFDMA aspect sounds promising.
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