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Found 12th Jan 2017
Hello everyone
I am looking to replace my huawei HG633 router with another router as I am having way too many drop out connections. I used to have DLINK 3780 router and the connection quality was much better. My budget is around £ 100.00

Thank you for your responses
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Are you on ADSL or Fibre with Talk Talk ?
I'm on fibre with Talk Talk.
Used to have BT Open REACH modem connected to DLINK 3780 router (had to send back that router to talk talk because of the attack my router had solid red light all the time ) . Now I'm using only router because the modem is built in.
you can get a draytek router for approx 100 which is the 2760 this is more a business router but I swear by the brand. security is great too being business orientated. hope this helps.
One of my customers has ordered the following after speaking to Billion technical. (The HG633 does not support Nat loopback for him to view his CCTV when on the internal network).Just a little over £100…htm
Any opinions about TP-LINK Archer D9 AC1900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit ADSL2+Modem Router ?
I am on TalkTalk fibre and use a HG635 TalkTalk router - this is the model before the HG633 (makes sense !). No problems with drop-outs and connection is rock solid. My sister is on TalkTalk fibre also with HG635 router and again no problems.

I know the HG633 has a lot of problems but seems to be the wireless side that is rubbish.

So 2 suggestions
Buy a TalkTalk HG635 on eBay for £20-30 - if it doesn't help, resell on eBay
Or buy a wireless access point to plug into the HG633 - something like an Apple Airport Extreme and turn off the wireless side of the HG633...........
Have you tried adding 5ghz?
I did mine & it works better now.
The problem is TalkTalk, not the router. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and the replacement routers, problem never went away until I jumped ship and went with a different company.
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