Replacement for Wife's S3 needs good battery, fast charge not 5.5 screen

    Needs to have great battery, fast charging, but not to big, around 5 inches , great camera and of course look nice in a cover! Size counts out MotoG+, Honor 6X, Huawei p9 lite ie 5.5inch & think Samsung is smaller but j5 doesn't have fast charging. Any suggestions looking at around £200,or maybe less!


    shat about a s4 or s6 they similar size to the s3. or a s5 if u don't mind lower quality photos in the darkness as s4 gives better quality than s5.

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    Thanks for that, but need something a bit better equipped than s4, s6(£!) in terms of great battery and fast charging. Things like multi-tasking not important as Uses ipad for net, but uses WhatsApp on phone

    I'd suggest the oneplus3T.. Great battery, very fast at charging but unfortunately it's 5.5" screen which sounds like a deal breaker for you. How about the Xiaomi 3s Prime.…php

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    Thanks but want a phone available in uk, guess Xiaomi 3s Prime would need to be imported?

    Yes, most likely would need to be imported unfortunately.

    Check out the Huawei P9 or Honor 8, both very affordable and great all round phones.

    Have you looked at Sony phones? I've got the z3 compact and my friend has the z5 compact, I highly recommend it as it has great battery life and a good camera. I think they're great phones and the compact size is ideal too.

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    Thanks, but Reviews say z3 compacts 's camera a bit of a letdown, and z5 is to expensive

    bought my wife a Huawei P9 on contract last week, she loves it and comment how long the battery last and the quick charge. I think 5.2 inch screen, slightly smaller than my op3

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    Huawei P9 to expensive, looking for something around &£200

    I'm replacing my S3 with a Redmi 4 Prime, just holding out in case they release a Band 20 version.
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