Replacement glass shade for lamp?

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Found 20th Oct 2008
My little girl knocked over my lamp today which really annoyed me because it was quite expensive and matches all our other light fittings and managed to smash one of the glass shades on it, (it's a metal multi arm thing with small glass shades on each one).

They don't make the particular light anymore so the only possible way I could imagine of getting a replacement would be to have one made by a glassblower, does anyone have any idea roughly how much that would cost? or if it's even possible? The shade itself is pretty small, about 5cm by about 1cm round and is just basically a tube with parts of it frosted.

I certainly don't fancy throwing it because of one shade as it cost several hundred pounds.

Any other ideas how I could get one?

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It might be a idea if you post a picture of the shade so people can see if they have a spare one lying around that you can have..... plus i dont have a clue in my head what this shade looks like and will save you some money :P

Contact who makes the light. I did work with several light manufacturers and most keep spare shades, even when models are updated most try and use the same shades to keep costs low.

try ebay
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