Replacement hinges for Dell Inspiron 7737?

    Anyone know where to source replacement hinges, I've removed the old broken pair but can't find any sellers for the replacements? Part numbers 34.48L24.XXX & 34.48L25.XXX


    Upgrade Options always use to carry a large amount of post support parts. Might be worth a google if you haven't already

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    Couldn't see any signs on their website that they supply parts. They seemed to be a business supplier of IT solutions. I've Googled the part numbers but only found one supplier in USA. That'll cost me around £60 and take 3 weeks plus to deliver. Spotted some old eBay postings for less than £10. Don't mind paying a bit more but £60 seems steep.

    see if you can find a doner machine maybe a smashed screen or mobo dead on ebay?

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    Thanks been looking but it's not a common machine. Couple for £120 ish from USA also. Looks like I'll have to pay up and wait
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