Replacement Hood for Porsche Boxster

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Found 16th Jan 2007
Last night i had the back window on my Boxster slashed, i obviously dont want to claim on my already exceptionally expensive insurance premium.

I am looking just to replace the Soft Top rear screen, best i have seen is on ebay with a buy now price of £295.00...

Any ideas?

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Sounds pretty fair for a Porsche part... is that a genuine part?

What year is it?

Have you asked around in local garages for advice... because there are usually soft top expert repairers in most cities...I'd take it along to one of those for a quote before buying off ebay.


http://www.carhood.com/porsche.htmhere's some guidance

Mohair is very good quility

Original Poster

Sorry for delay in responding, its a 2003 Boxster S, lovely car except now leaking rain through rear window !

Had a look on [url]www.carhood.com[/url] last night, looks like ebay is best option ...

Thanks All !

I had something similar on my bimmer. I bought a non standard "cheap" patent from evil bay. Whilst it was a very close fit it was not close enough to actually do up (zip fitting) it was an absolute ****** and I ended up driving around with no rear windscreen for quite some time.

I took the car, including the old windscreen I had taken out (dont forget it as they need it to cut a screen to the correct shape), to carhood(.com) and got it replaced and they did a fantastic job. It is literally next door to Chessington world of adventures, so you could drop your car off and take the kids, although having a porche you may not have any:) to chessington for a day out and then just pick your car up at the end of the day.

I would recommend them and wish I had just gone there than wasting around £100 for a cheap replacement and then having to pay to get the pro's in anyway.

Which ever way you go good luck as I know it is a complete pain.


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