Replacement Humidistat extractor fan for on-suite

Posted 4th Jun 2020
I in the process of replacing a timer extractor fan with a humidistat model. Are the humidistat fans any good. What are people’s experience of these. How long do they remain on. Would love to hear from you all.
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We have a single room mhrv on a humidistat - as an mhrv unit it runs on trickle all the time but it has a dial for you to set the humidity point for kicking into turbo mode. Some units allow you to set an overrun time as well

One thing is that it can be better to have the sensor remote from the unit - depending on the shape of the room and positioning of the fan.
I turned my humidistat off - stupid thing would switch the fan on randomly, either it was super sensitive or faulty because I hadn't used the bathroom.
It's only a tiny sensor and cheap to replace but I'm ok just using the normal lightswitch.

The timer for how long the fan is on for is seperate.
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