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Replacement Mercedes Car Keys

Posted 13th Feb 2014
I have lost the spare key for my car. I want to get another one made but it seems they cost £100s! Is there a cheaper way I am missing? Thank you for any advice.

And yes - Ill be more careful next time!
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Im affraid not.. I lost my fiat grande punto key and cost £120 for a key.. shopped around everywhere before wise

would of cost £40 with the central locking buttons tho
merc isnt cheap and u can't just cut theirs jumpingphil

most new car keys have a chip in them which is what makes them so expensive as they need to be programmed. Not sure any way around this.

It's basically another money making scheme... unlucky. Atleast you still got one key.

Have a look here.

These only unlock the car but don't actually start the car as you need a chip to start the car.

They do electromic keys, not sure of the price, but might be worth a look
I always thought DealXtreme [DX.com] did car key blanks ............................I think they may do Mercedes


There are many shops that will cut and re-program car keys . I know there is a place in Ashington that does this quite cheaply.
I always thought that Merc owners were loaded, a new key shouldn't present a problem.(_;)
I wonder what the price for a replacement key for a BMW i8 will cost in the future...

sorry dealer only for merc and bmw
youll need your proof of ownership details and photo id to order too.
You could try giving this company a call click here.
i have used the above company. great service, drove to birmingham and back to plymouth still cheaper than merc
for mercedes only through mercedes. when i had the mercedes i was given two keys so i could use the spare if i lost the main one.
When buying a premium make car I would always assume repairs are going to be more expensive than most, which is why I would factor the cost in for things like this, main dealer only if you want the job done properly, so get that wallet out.
please don't listen to this and go still go to merc. if you want to get it done use the above company. i did no problem at all.

aircanman why do you think merc is a premium car. i have owned lots of premium cars but use independent garages. Audi charge £168 an hour labour, i just had a two hour job done by an ex Audi guy for £70, what's wrong with saving a few quid. i am not a snob that has money to throw away.
Thank you everyone!

I will try that company that has been linked and find some local places.

I know Mercedes is a premium brand but my car is an elderly estate with 130k miles on the clock. Still going strong though.
My wife lost the keys to our new audi last week. Possibly stolen.
Costing me £250 to get it a new one and to get the existing key and the immobilisor reprogrammed.

If you have an older car then should be a lot cheaper.

Also, definitely shop around. I called 5 Audi dealers and I get a different price from every single one ranging from £250-£450!
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