Replacement Number Plates

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Found 16th Oct 2006
Some ****** nicked the number plates off my car last night.

Reported it to the police but will still need to go find a new set.
Anybody know the cheapest place to buy them from.

Laughing about it now but just waiting for the first speeding fine/ congestion charge bill to come throught the door!!

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Hi mate,

You need to take your vehicle docs with you if you want a new set made up "offline", this is law now in the UK. I take it as you have none on your vehicle at the min, that you will want some ASAP !

There are also places online that do them, & you dont need your docs as they are "show plates" - such as fancyplates.co.uk.

They will probably be used to fill up a car with petrol & not pay for it !

Hi there

Try [url]www.demonplates.co.uk[/url]..
Its annoying but when you get plates made up, you have to take your license, mot cert, insurance etc...
With this place, order, and its usually with you the next day (it was for me)..

Original Poster

Yeah, got to work this morning and a mate pointed out that my back plate was missing, so i checked the front and it had gone too,
So will have to drive home without them, so no doubt will get stopped by the cops.

Cheers for the info

Make some up from paper to stick in the windows for the drive home.

I seem to remeber that Arnold Clarke do them free. They put their logo on it so consider it free advertising.

ebay is alway an option...i got mine from there
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