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    Hi im looking for a good solid reliable cable (DSL) wireless router, i previously had the Belkin F5D9230uk4

    This was great whilst it worked but now it keeps locking up and dropping connections so its time to replace, i picked up a netgear bundle from currys this afternoon, but im thinking of returning it as the signal quality is poor and it promises 108mbps speed, but ive done many tests but it never goes over 54mbps

    So basically does anyone have any suggestions on a good solid reliable router

    All helpers will recieve rep

    Thank you!

    (appoligies for mass editing, just realised html links dont work in first post)


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    ]Clicky - Belkin one i used to have

    ]Clicky - Netgear i bought earlier

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    Sorry i should have stated the netgear bundle came with a 108mbps usb 2.0 adapter...

    WG111T, im not particularly bothered about the 54mbps speed, its more coverage and reliability im most interested in.

    Have had may belkins in the past, they all seem to break within a year lol



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    Hoping to buy one this evening so if anyone has any ideas, i would be truly grateful!

    Thanks in advance
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