Replacement screen for iphone

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Found 6th Jun 2010
Hi i have been offered a iphone very very cheap, but the screen is broke, how much would anyone say it would cost to get a replacement screen?????

Either way im guna buy it coz i would probs make more on it by selling for spares after the price im guna pay.

Thanks for replys.


i think one of my friends paid £120 to get her screen fixed, you can probably find it somewhere cheaper though

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RWM: Thanks, dont know why i just didnt look myself,
long day.... just came on here instead of looking.

£120 bloody hell, i will only be paying £20 for the phone,, good mate of mine selling it to me coz he got it cheap and broke the screen last night while pished.

Depending on the model it can really difficult - the 1st Gen is impossible nearly as the modulator (the touch bit) is attached the glass of the screen, whereas with the 3G and 3GS you can just simply replace the glass top and leave the modulator in place.


A mate of mine does phone repairs & says buy the apple screen & not a cheap copy.
It's hard though as it's all glued together
he charged a customer around £100

My screen is cracked but has been working fine. I was going to replace it before it gets worse but not at that ridiculous price.
I thought it was just going to involve £20 and some tlc...
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