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Replacing a washing machine belt... Help please

Posted 18th Jan 2009
I thought my washer had died but after taking the top off we discovered the belt had come off & luckily isn't damaged... but now we can't get it back on! I've tried google and most things seem to suggest putting the belt onto the motor part and then turning the drum part until the belt slots into place, which sounds easy but it's just not happening! There aren't any slots on the drum part for the belt to grip in/on to and it just keeps slipping off and I have no idea what to do next... does anyone have any tips please?

Thank you! x
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This happened to me recently, you need to make sure your positioning the belt on the motor correctly, the motor usuallly has about 10 ish grooves on it, make sure that the grooves you put the belt on are in line with the drum pulley as if not aligned prperly the belt will keep coming off.
Hope this helps
i have used this site before.
it has some helpful bits and pieces.
I can only repeat what you have found out from Google.
It does seem strange that it has come off though.
Can you upload any piccies?
Can you slack of the drive motor to provide room to fit the belt then tighten back up?:)
It's a stretch belt. Put it on the motor end first, there should be grooves on the motor pulley. So put the belt on there first, then put the belt on the wheel at the back of the drum as far as you can, and then turn the drum round. It can be a right pain to do, brute force is sometimes needed. Good luck.
Keep doing what your doing, but use a kitchen knife to assist :thumbsup:

I've changed a few belts in my time - and the knife always worked for me
Thanks for the fast replies everyone! I'm really grateful Don't think I have the option of loosening the motor Mike but thanks for the suggestion It looks like it's just gonna be a case of doing what I have been again & againnn & againnnn till it stays put!! :lol: Unless you wanna pop round and give me a hand GC?

Thanks again everyone, repped! x

Ours had a habit of doing this,usually as a result of overloading, towels … Ours had a habit of doing this,usually as a result of overloading, towels mainly,again as above,brute force and definitely make sure it's aligned properly.A new belt solved our problem as over time they do stretch.Good luck :thumbsup:

:oops: I think that's what's happened to mine (too many towels so little time!! lol)
get a new belt , will be nice and tight :roll:

if ya got an old pair of stockings..................send em to me ;-)

There's always one,lol:-D

ok one will do , doesn't have to be a pair

Unless you wanna pop round and give me a hand GC?

No need to pop around, here ya go.....

[image missing]


If you are having problems hooking the belt round. For jobs like this I sometimes use a plastic tie, loop it round the belt and pull on the tie, means your slim, elegant, figures won't get in the way ;-)
Did you get this sorted?
Yup I did, thank you From what I can tell there's a problem with the pressure switch. Washer is overfilling really badly and I think that's what made it too heavy and made the belt come off (I think!!) So gonna get it back out and check out the pressure switch.

Thanks again everyone x

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