Replacing built in oven help

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Posted 22nd Jan 2013
Any help welcomed!

We have a kitchen with a built in oven that is really old and has just died and we are looking top replace it.

We measured it and went to Currys for a chat and the guy there was just saying we need the recess measured...he said you can pull the oven out and measure

The problem is also it doesn't have a separate fuse to isolate it and i assume we may need one for a replacement

Anyone ever had to do this before? I assumed it's be really easy and cookers would be standard sizes so you can just fit a new one if it breaks

I'd look the model up to get the dimensions if i could find any markings left of what make and model the cooker is but that's long gone

Would the recess be much bigger? Any ideas? Is it really easy to just pull an oven out...especially with no separate fuse so would have to switch off the whole kitchen to do it?
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