Replacing DVD unit in Home cinema system

    I currently have the Panasonic PT 460EB Home Cinema system, with wired speakers and DVD player. This may seem a stupid question to some but I don't have a clue!

    I'm very happy with the unit and the speakers but am thinking of getting a Blu-ray player soon. Don't want to ditch the set, so I wanted to get a blu ray player I can continue to use the speakers with. Anybody any ideas of the best options to get a Blu-ray player that I can use with the speakers I already have instead of getting an entirely new set up?

    Any help much appreciated!


    If this a all in one system then you will probably not be able to upgrade the system. So the speakers will be redundant unless the system has a optical input.

    Actually according to amazon's reviews the system doesn't support dts over optical so this would not be an option either. Probably better getting a separates system instead unfortunately.

    You can do it but it means keeping the DVD player, just plug the HDMI from the blu-ray player into the TV and use an optical cable to connect from the blu-ray to the DVD playe, it will then output the 5.1 sound from the blu-ray.

    You will probably have to alter some controls so have a good read at the manuals
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