replacing Nintendo ds lite screens, where can i get this done??

    My son's ds is playing up now, its just over a year old, ( bought it in woolies Jan 08) so cant claim on the warranty , the touch screen has dead spots so some of the games dont work properly, and the top screen is scratched, also the little hinges seem loose,
    Any ideas on where in the UK i can send this too, to get it all fixed?any ideas on how much is all this gonna cost me?

    Did look at replacing the bits ourselves using parts from focalprice, but having watched a video on youtube i told hubby no way! gonna end up with a broken DS and a stroppy 7 year old.
    rep left & thanks for the advice in advance.


    Contact Nintendo.

    I used a site called ]DSCity they are actually based in Bolton, although the website doesn't make it obvious.
    I had the case replaced for £30, the hinges were broken. If I remember a new case and screens was £50. I dropped it off and collected it and it was done overnight. They did a very good job.

    A shop in bradford does it for £35 I think


    Was it bought on a credit card? Try asking your cc provider for a s75 refund if it was
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