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Posted 19th Sep
Hi everyone. I'm thinking about signing up to NOW TV broadband service but see many reviews of its poor router. I currently have an EE Smart Hub and was curious if anyone knows if I can use this instead and whether its easy to unlock or whatever the technical procedure is. I see in one Now TV forum someone has posted any other router can be used with Now TV if it supports 'option 61' but I don't know how to check this was my EE router. Any guidance is much appreciated.....
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Read this…usee-a-tp-link-router-with-sky-fibre-optic

Should explain how to do it if your getting fibre

Also in comments some people have posted some of the routers that work.
Hope this
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I assume it’s not possible to connect the two with an Ethernet cable. Take the internet from the nowtv router to the EE router using the cable so that the EE router essentially repeats the Ethernet signal?
Don't think they'd be any way to unlock or flash an EE router to use it as a DSL router with other ISPs, although it may work with other BT owned ISPs. It appears to be the same hardware as one of the BT smart hub 6 versions.

However, you should be able to use it as a very decent wireless access point and switch.

1. disable smart setup.

2. change it's IP address to be a free IP address on the same subnet as your new router, that is, the first three octets of the IP address should be the same as your NOWTV router (192.168.0.x ) . You may want to reserve the new EE router's LAN address on the Nowtv router.

3. disable the EE router's DHCP server.

4. Connect the routers together by an ethernet cable plugged into one LAN port on each router.

5. If you leave the NowTV router's wifi on, manually set wifi channels for each router so they don't overlap each other.
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