replacing optical drive vostro 1400 advise/help appreciated

Hello to anybody reading this,

I got one of these Pioneer DVR-116Dbk OEM internal IDEdrives and wonered if it would fit into a dell vostro 1400 notebook?

dell said any drive (they did not know anything about the pioneer in question) was a very simple procedure (5 steps) to replace the drive and it is simply plug n play (so no configuration needed- the new drive is recognised)

just wondered if this was true and so not worth paying someone to install the new drive? And importantly is this new pioneer drive the right size to fit?

Appreciate any help/advise and if there is anything else to consider

Kind regards


The Pioneer is a desktop drive and you've got a notebook. I think you probably need to get someone to advise you on what you need and to install it for you! If you have got a CD/DVD drive in the laptop that doesn't work and just want to replace it, you need a slimline drive like one of these:…ves

Probably best go to your local PC repairer though. ;-)

This will fit straight through no problems as its standard IDE so no probs

Original Poster

thanks to the both of you

but both pieces of advise are conflicting!

anybody know for sure if only a slimline will fit or is the pioneer fine?


As far as I am aware, there are no laptops that use the same CD/DVD drives as desktops. I suggest you have a look at the drive in your laptop and compare it with the drive in a normal desktop. If they look the same then I am wrong. However, I think you'll find they are different. If you've already got the Pioneer drive, why don't you try to fit it in the laptop? That would seem to be the obvious way to tell. :roll:

If you are doubtful about this then I would seriously suggest that you take the laptop into a local PC repairer and get them to check for you. Even the TechGuys at PCWorld should be able to sort something this basic out!

Original Poster

ok thank you for the advice..

ill try to give u rep once i have figured how to
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