Replacing slate roof tiles

Found 18th Jan 2008
A few weeks ago I noticed that I had a few slate tiles missing off my roof. I contacted loads of roofers and all but one are too busy to replace them. The one roofer who said he can do it said that he can't replace them until the rain stops, that was 2 weeks ago and it hasnt stopped raining since. Ive just looked at the weather forecast for the next five days, and guess what, more rain. In the meantime, Ive developed a huge damp patch in the corner of the bedroom where the slates are missing. Im becoming anxious that Im going to have a long term problem with the damp / plaster damage unless it slates are replace soon.

I know there is nothing I can do to stop the rain, and a wet roof is a dangerous roof, but surely in a country that rains on average half the days of the year, rain should stop a roofer from replacing tiles.

Can anyone give any advice?
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I think the main problem is that it's not very safe to be up on a slate roof in the wet. Slate becomes very slippery when wet. We cannot finish of our roof at th moment due to the rain. we went up onto the scaffold towers in lighter rain and it was very slippery at that point so i can imagine that it's a lot more slippery due to the heavy rain.

I'm not an expert so may be completely wrong, but i hope that might have slightly helped,

They should be able to use a roof ladder and slip in some tin until they can replace slate. A roof ladder has two hooks that as stated hook over the coping stones and get a grip while the ladder lies flat on the slate
Depends where the tiles are missing really

We are waiting to get a whole new roof, but weather is ****! Nan has got leaks too and cant do anything about them! She has buckets everywhere!
It's no real problem loosing a few slates as they overlap so should still be watertight. I assume the roof is felted so its even less of a problem. Depending on whethet their nailed or hooked (old roofs are nailed) they replace the slates by a strip of metal that basically hooks the bottom of the replaced slate to the one above it. This puts more stress on the slate above, but works ok. I've seen roofs with 30 or more slated replaced in this way. This can be done with a roof ladder by a competent roofer.

BTW if you roof is old and not felted you may consider getting it re-roofed Costs about 3-5K depending on how may new slated you need, size of roof, area etc.
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