Replacing the touchscreen on the nintendo DS.

    I am in the middle of replacing the touchscreen on my daughters Nintendo Ds lite. I have managed to complete most of it, but there is a cable that attaches to the top of the nintendo that I cannot connect to the little connector thingy. I have spent HOURS tying to get it in. Any ideas on how I can get some help????


    I've done loads of these ! It's the touchscreen ribbon cable your trying to connect.

    You just have to take your time.....and use some tweezers to put the ribbon cable in.

    The black part on the top of the connector lifts up and the ribbon cable goes underneath the gold pins ! :thumbsup:

    Here's a close up :

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    Yes it is still working. At the moment!!

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    Thanks for the picture. Where did you find that?? it is so clear. I have been trying to find something like that for days!! Perhaps I can give it another go tonight rather than launch it!!
    Thankyou soooo much!!

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    If you can't fix it sell it on Ebay!

    Thats where I got it!!! LOL!!!!

    If you get stuck gimme a shout .....i've refurbed loads of DS's old and new ..... :thumbsup:

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    Oh thankyou, that is really kind of you. I fear that I have broken the thing!!! Still cant get the ribbony thingy back in. Perhaps doing it after a hard days work is not a good idea. Will give it a go tomorrow.
    Thanks again!

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    lol x How much did you pay?

    Well actually this was last year when we couldnt get one anywhere. I rang the bloke and spoke to him and he wanted £145 including postage. I said that I couldnt afford that as I was a single parent and that was way over the odds.
    He phoned me back and said that his missus was giving hima really hard time and we agreed £120 including postage. I thought that was quire kind and only a little bit more than it was in the shops.
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