Replacing window hinges

Posted 14th Nov

I was wandering if anybody is able to let me the cost of replacing UPVC window hinges so basically there’s a gap in the window frame and severe draught coming through and the hinges would need replacing, there’s several windows in the property as well,thanks in
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We had this issue a few years ago and were quoted £400 (whole house) for hinge replacement by one of those 'window doctor' companies. The problem arises if the hinges aren't lubricated. In the end we just replaced the windows for more efficient one's.

If you have a helper then you could replace them yourself. Replacement hinges are available at toolstation, screwfix etc. Just measure the current ones and get some the same size. Bear in mind the openers can be heavy so get someone strong to help you. Also the new hinges should open to 90 degrees to allow escape in case of fire.
I have the same problem. 2 windows making my living room cold.
Are the hinges worn or is it thaty the seals need replacing?

If there is play in the hinges new hinges are around £10. Easy to replace as long as you dont drop the window while doing it....
Apparently it’s hinges n seal and been told whole window frame wil need to be taken out n all need replacing
If you decide to do it yourself be aware there are two thicknesses of hinges, 16mm and the other I cannot remember. It is referred to as the stack. Some are universal as basically the provide you the thin one with a plastic spacer to make up the difference.
Also when replacing the hinges you nèed to put the hinge on the window first and not the frame. Plus they normally over hang the frame about 15mm, but check this by measuring the one you are taking off first.
I’m getting it all done hence asking if anyone know the approx cost for all this?
MR112314/11/2019 20:51

I have the same problem. 2 windows making my living room cold.

This solved my 3 windows. Excellent product, hope this helps you.…c=1

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I got charged £70 for the one in my bedroom ( inc cost of replacement hinge ). Took the guys 30 mins.
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