Reply from Gilette about their over pricing on 4 packs and single fusion blades

    Hello and thanks for your email.

    Im sorry that you feel our Gillette products are over-priced and you may have picked this up from recent media coverage.

    The reports grossly underestimate the costs required to bring shaving innovation to the market.

    While final pricing is at the discretion of the retailer, delivering value to our consumers is critical to our business. The price of any product is reflective of research and development, which the reports have failed to acknowledge. It also includes raw materials, processing and manufacturing, transportation and distribution, packaging and other associated expenses (e.g., marketing).

    With the exception of the estimated retail price, the figures stated in these reports are drawn from fiction, not fact.

    Gillette invests heavily in the research and development of our products as the innovation leader in shaving. Fusion technology is the result of more than 8 years of scientific study and technological advances.

    The superior performance of Gillette products are available at multiple price points, from disposables to premium systems.

    I hope this helps answer your concerns but thank you for your interest in our products.

    Kind regards,


    Consumer Relations


    did you get any vouchers off them:thumbsup:

    Original Poster


    the meanies - thats because it was in news
    jeez i am always contacting companies

    broke a nail once taking plastic off some face cream - then i couldnt get top off - noticed free phone no. told them what happened but half way through conversation i got top off - lol
    i got £40 voucher plus cheque for £25 for a manicure

    So you wrote to Gillette just to tell them that you think their product is too expensive?? (and expected them to send you something for free??!)
    Don't buy them if that's how you feel.

    Or, write to Porsche and Ferrari and tell them their cars are too expensive.

    "and other associated expenses (e.g., marketing)" Yeah I wonder what percentage of the pack price goes to paying Tiger Woods etc. to star in annoying ads.

    Original Poster


    "and other associated expenses (e.g., marketing)" Yeah I wonder what … "and other associated expenses (e.g., marketing)" Yeah I wonder what percentage of the pack price goes to paying Tiger Woods etc. to star in annoying ads.

    I wrote a bit about that as well lol

    And no it wasn't to get a voucher, i was mearly critisising their pricing



    jeez i am always contacting companies

    you really should get a life


    you really should get a life

    Like one you have



    Like one you have


    wish i was you now



    touchewish i was you now

    Must be a chocolate bar thing?


    I love the way they try to put the blame partly on the retailer

    While final pricing is at the discretion of the retailer

    trade price is almost what they sell for in the shops, small retailers make about 80p selling at RRP, hardly gives them much discretion over pricing.

    I still don't see the problem with what they charge. You're free to buy whatever razor blades you want. If you want the best, you have to pay a premium. It's pretty much just how things work in this world. If you think the asking price is too expensive, buy something cheaper.

    I'm curious, do you often email companies who make high-quality gear and complain that they don't charge the same as the companies that make low-quality junk, or are you just humping that bandwagon along with all the other outraged Daily Mail readers?

    2 years ago i emailed Mrs Peeks asking where i could buy one of their famous puddings in time for Christmas as no one local to me sold them. I actually thought they had gone down the pan. But a week later and no reply, i got one through the post. I emailed again to say thankyou.

    3 blades on a stick = massive R&D.


    Original Poster

    Wahey !!!

    I got a voucher for £20 off

    get in there

    Where's the media coverage they are talking about? Haven't read anything about it
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